Welcome to the Museum of the Future!

We think museums should be fun, really fun! The museum will give you a glimpse into our future and let you try and play with new technology that could soon become part of our everyday lives. The museum is suitable for both children (from age 6) and adults.

Our opening hours are:
Weekdays: 16 – 19 Saturdays: 10 – 17  Sundays: 11 – 17.

Lots of stuff to try!

Fun for all ages.

Open 7 days a week.

Try GPT-4, MidJourney, and other advanced AI systems.

Robot dogs can be used for many purposes, including entertainment. Get acquainted with our friendly robotic dog, Spotty!

Mixed Reality allows you to control virtual objects in the real world. It almost needs to be experienced to be understood!”

Reviews From Visitors

Reviews From Visitors

Reviews From Visitors

A small selection of our exhibition:

Try VR-games and experiences. Even play together with friends!

Our social robots understand spoken language and appreciate human closeness.

New discoveries and inventions! Try sound-controlled ferrofluid, ultraviolet mirrors, graphene, and more.